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Male Hair Removal Packages

Laser Hair Removal – course of 6 treatments

Back, Shoulders Or Chest and Stomach 

NOW £650 (Save £1235)

Treatment finance available from 0% interest. 

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Male Hair Removal Packages

Female Hair Removal Packages

For a reduction in unwanted body hair, these packages are a no-brainer!

A course of 6 Laser Hair Removal treatments on each area:

  • ½ Legs, bikini and underarms NOW £795 (save £810)
  • Full Legs, bikini and underarms NOW £895 (save £845)
  • Full Legs, Full Arms Bikini, Underarms & Peri-anal NOW £995 (save £1,315)
  • Top-to-Toe Package - full body (all areas) NOW £1995 (save £2,175)

Treatment Finance available from 0% interest! 

Book a complimentary consultation and patch test at your nearest clinic. 


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Female Hair Removal Packages

Pre-Wedding Facial Package - £145

Get ready for the Summer wedding season with this skin-brightening facial package. 

1 x Microdermabrasion Facial to exfoliate

1 x Skin Resurfacer Facial - to brighten and purify

1 x Oxygen Therapy Facial - to plump and hydrate

3 Visit - Super-smooth, glowing skin - All for £145 (save up to £80)

Or buy 3 of these packages for £390 and bring your bridesmaids with you. 

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Pre-Wedding Facial Package - £145

The 'Bacne' Bundle

It's not just our face that can suffer from breakouts. If you’re struggling to get rid of back acne or breakouts on your back in time for summer and want to be beach ready then our ‘bacne’ package is for you. 


  • Course of 3 Acne peels for Back  
  • Course of 3 Microdermabrasion sessions for back  

NOW £299 - Save £276!

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Complimentary advanced skincare consultation

Trust the experts and book a complimentary skincare consultation at your nearest Skin Health Spa skin clinic. 

Our free consultation service allows us to discuss your skin concerns in depth and then offer advice on what treatments and products could help so you can make an informed decision. ⁣⁣

We've been tackling acne, scarring, pigmentation and many more common skin concerns for our clients across our UK clinics since 1999, so you can rest assured you're in very capable hands.

If you've been thinking about treatment for some time then take a step to do something about it and book you no obligation consultation with one of our experts today.⁣⁣

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Complimentary advanced skincare consultation